seventh birthday

7 Things We Have Learnt in the Last 7 years!

Forums International is proud to celebrate our seventh birthday. This has given us the perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on the lessons we have learnt in the past seven years, and we are excited to share them with you in this short blog post!

  1. Be adaptive and prepared to make a change!

After the pandemic hit last March, we had to completely change our business model and the way we ran our events. We went from having never hosting an online event before to hosting our full schedule of events for the year virtually using Zoom. We learnt the importance of embracing change and adopting new technology, these changes gave us the opportunity to make Forums International more global than ever before.

2. The importance of networking and building a strong team.

We are proud of the team we have built through extensive networking and are proud of the current processes and operations our team carry out. We work with experts, from Credit Management, Marketing, Business Development to IT and many more. We work with the best in the business to create the best possible experience for our members.

3. Expanding our focus, reach and the brand

We now run 10 Forums and in the past year we have continued to enhance the focus, most recently the Order2Cash Process Improvement Group (formerly The SAP User Group). The new O2C PI Forum extends the focus and replaces the SAP User Group with a new format that covers the whole O2C cycle whatever system you use; these changes were made after extensive communication with our members and corporate partners. We consider ourselves a forward-thinking organisation that has the potential to continue to grow globally.

4. The need to reward loyalty

We now operate a “Member of the Month” scheme. This allows us to recognise our members who have contributed to the Forums and shown continued support. Our members and their opinions are vital for the development and future of Forums International, we put the success of our Forums’ down to our members and their ongoing support.

5. Have supportive and active Corporate Partners

Proud to work alongside and be supported by the best in the credit industry! Their support is unrivalled and ensures our Forums are relevant to our members and are always one step ahead. We have long-established relationships with suppliers and organisations who have not only supported us but those who share common objectives of providing quality products and benefits to the credit community. We aim to have as big an impact on our partners as they have on us.

6. Step out of your comfort zone and be proud of the work you do!

We recently took a step out of our comfort zone and put ourselves up for our first award submission. Not only did we learn a lot from the application process, but we also won the award for Contribution to the Industry at The Credit Excellence Awards. We were delighted to have won this award and be recognised for the work we do, but it also taught us the importance of being proud of the work you do and putting yourself forward for things you may naturally shy away from.

7. Never stop communicating

Our agendas are shaped around conversations we have with our members to ensure they deliver topical items. We also pride ourselves in the fact that our Forums are not just meetings, but a community of peers who come together to share experiences and work together to find solutions to common challenges, communication is key for doing so. The pandemic further highlighted the importance of communicating with our partners and members; In 2020 talking to them allowed us to create and launch our Individual Membership, for those “between jobs”. Without having those conversations, we would have never thought to diversify our membership options.

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