Are you Between Jobs?

We are now into Phase 3 of the Pandemic and very shortly we will be starting the second year. Covid-19 has had an effect on just about everybody we know and in so many ways. For those of you who have been furloughed and even worse those of you have lost your jobs this has […]

Are you fit for the New Year?

The following article was original published in CCR Magazine, January 2021. A PDF copy can be accessed here. How can you ensure that both you and your teams are ready for the challenges ahead? Having been in lockdown previously, we have all built up a lot of experience, but we do need to keep this […]

Business Transformation Pitfalls

The larger and more complex the company, the more are the business transformation pitfalls. Having driven and followed large-scale business transformations of leading industrial companies, I have seen several successful projects with positive impact on both financial results and the customer experience. Then again, I have witnessed several others who failed to bring the expected […]