Learning to See

Use Lean to give customers what they want and tackle the challenges you have not noticed before. My name is Nicholas Lawley. My mother would never shorten my name, but my friends call me Nick. I am 63 years young. I retired from full time work when I reached 60, but have continued to help companies to “see”. […]

Are you Currently Between Jobs? Top Tips to Help you Get Your Next position

Top Tips to Help you Get Your Next position

We are very resilient people in the UK, and I am sure as we continue to see restrictions lift following the government’s roadmap, we will beat the virus, get the country back on track and return to “normal life”. But it will take time. However, if you are one of those who are “between Jobs” […]

Making Sense of Commercial Data Sharing to Improve Trade Credit Risk Decisions

Richard drives business growth through commercial development of 3rd party strategic relationships, international markets and new online data products with strong customer led propositions on which to build long-term profitable growth. Thrives on change. Takes action to deliver results. He has a deep understanding of business demonstrated by recent roles including Partner Relationship Leader responsible […]


The vast majority of us, at some time in our lives, have been involved with a team; perhaps a sports team, a musical group, the cast of a play, or a project team at work.  Whether we were aware of it or not, we have probably learned the value of teamwork. “Alone we can do so […]

Begbies Traynor Group: Our Corporate Insolvency Partners

“We have had a long association with Brendan Clarkson, Ian Defty and CVR Global so are very pleased that the relationship will continue with Begbies Traynor Group and that they will remain as our Corporate Insolvency Partners across all ten forums. Brendan Clarkson and his team have become regular presenters at our Virtual meetings bringing the latest Insolvency news, sector […]

630,000 UK Businesses Now in Significant Financial Distress

The latest Red Flag Alert research for Q4 2020 has recorded 630,000 businesses in ‘significant distress1’ after the largest numerical quarterly leap (73,000) in financially distressed companies since Q2 2017. This 13% increase (from 557,000 in Q3 2020) comes as the UK is

Are you Between Jobs?

We are now into Phase 3 of the Pandemic and very shortly we will be starting the second year. Covid-19 has had an effect on just about everybody we know and in so many ways. For those of you who have been furloughed and even worse those of you have lost your jobs this has […]

Are you fit for the New Year?

The following article was original published in CCR Magazine, January 2021. A PDF copy can be accessed here. How can you ensure that both you and your teams are ready for the challenges ahead? Having been in lockdown previously, we have all built up a lot of experience, but we do need to keep this […]

Business Transformation Pitfalls

The larger and more complex the company, the more are the business transformation pitfalls. Having driven and followed large-scale business transformations of leading industrial companies, I have seen several successful projects with positive impact on both financial results and the customer experience. Then again, I have witnessed several others who failed to bring the expected […]