November went with a Bang

We thought that the month was going to be quiet with no travelling due to the Pandemic and our forums missing a month. But No. It actually turned out to be one of the busiest months of the year. So why?   10th – Habits for Effectively Working from Home – Webinar Jointly with the […]

Netsend Credit Professionals Report 2020

The full report is now available via our partners Netsend here. Excerpt from the report: Introduction Welcome to the first edition of what will become an annual credit professionals report. This year, we felt there was a greater need than ever before to gather and share insight from senior credit professionals, across a range of industries. […]

Covid-19 – What Lies Ahead for Directors of Businesses

Some Thoughts…..From Brendan Clarkson, Director, CVR Global The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the whole UK economy and whilst we all try to return to some form of ‘normality’, businesses are busy trying to assess how they will be affected and how they are going to respond. The virus is still with […]

Back to the Office – CCR September 2020

The government is trying to encourage everybody back to their offices and businesses to stimulate the economy. I know we all want businesses back trading as this will hopefully reduce the forecasted surge in insolvencies… Read our full column from CCR Magazine September 2020:

Paladin Debt Collection Offer for Forums Members

Paladin Offer for CPF, DRF & PMF Members Paladin Offer for Paladin Commercial is very proud to join the Forums International family. Paladin is a business that was established over 25 years ago and we concentrate our activities in two major areas. We offer a tailored debt collection service (which can be white labelled or as a […]

How Ownership Intelligence Helps Credit Management – Baker Ing

How Ownership Intelligence Helps Credit Management – Baker Ing Our Corporate Partners, Baker Ing, have produced a useful, handy paper on How Ownership Intelligence Helps Credit Management Simply click the photo below to get all information.  Lisa Baker-Reynolds and Sarah Ing are both happy to answer any questions you may have –